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General Trades:

As a QPS customer, you will enjoy the benefits of our high-quality general trades and services delivered with talent and skill. QPS performs effective general trades in fulfillment of our mission to provide value add for each project. Additional manpower, outages, concrete work, painting, demolition and numerous other specialties are all part of our repertoire.

We understand that industrial sites require on-going maintenance to remain safe, productive, and efficient. We are committed to helping our clients keep their industrial facilities and equipment operating at peak performance levels. QPS offers comprehensive services but we are also able to handle all routine servicing and maintenance tasks for our clients. Additionally, we provide the type of extensive maintenance that corresponds with a full-site turnaround or emergency repairs that are associated with an outage.

Our general trade services also include:

  • Shutdowns and Outages
  • Repairs
  • Routine Servicing and Maintenance
  • installations
  • Building Upgrades