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QPS offers industrial construction for both new and renovation projects. QPS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call.  Our industrial construction employees become OSHA trained and have years of experience in multiple areas of construction.

The depth and breadth of our construction services are vast and can range from a small day project to a turn-key package. QPS can manage every phase including being the General Contractor or Construction Management Services to help provide the customer a means to achieve their goal.

Some of our specific services include but are not limited to:

  • New Construction – Build-outs and creating a building from block or sheet metal.
  • Steel Erection – Creating the steel frame of a building or support structure.
  • Equipment Installation – Installation of various equipment you may need within or outside of your structure including pumps, motors, agitators, screws, i.e. rotating equipment. (Please see Millwrights Page)
  • Concrete Work – Management and completion of all phases of concrete work.
  • Certified Welding –We provide a wide variety of highly skilled, talented welders to meet your welding needs.
  • Process Piping – From Carbon Steel to a Sanitary Finish, QPS welders are qualified on multiple types of materials (Please see Process Piping Page)
  • National Board “R” Stamp – Allows us to perform repairs and alterations to a variety of non-fired pressure tanks and vessels.
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General Trades:

As a QPS customer, you will enjoy the benefits of our high-quality general trades and services delivered with talent and skill. QPS performs effective general trades in fulfillment of our mission to provide value add for each project. Additional manpower, outages, concrete work, painting, demolition and numerous other specialties are all part of our repertoire.

We understand that industrial sites require on-going maintenance to remain safe, productive, and efficient. We are committed to helping our clients keep their industrial facilities and equipment operating at peak performance levels. QPS offers comprehensive services but we are also able to handle all routine servicing and maintenance tasks for our clients. Additionally, we provide the type of extensive maintenance that corresponds with a full-site turnaround or emergency repairs that are associated with an outage.

Our general trade services also include:

  • Shutdowns and Outages
  • Repairs
  • Routine Servicing and Maintenance
  • installations
  • Building Upgrades
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  • QPS Engineering* provides professional engineering services with multi-disciplines to clients within industrial and commercial settings. Our main focus for engineering services include plant layout and overall plant design, mechanical and structural design, electrical and programming services.

The three core values for QPS with regard to your design projects are simple.

  • Provide a fair price – Learn every nuance of the project to provide a complete and comprehensive proposal.
  • Execute the project – Provide the results as promised in our proposal.
  • Follow Up – Make sure the client is satisfied with the results.  MAKE IT RIGHT.

We have been serving our clients for over 20 years by developing and maintaining long term relationships.

We look forward to meeting with you in person, learning your needs and how we may assist you. Ours is a business based on personal relationships, trust and honesty.

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Emergency Large Loss Response Team

Quality Plus Services, Inc.’s Emergency Loss Response Team incorporates its advanced technical tradesmen with its expansive resources to come together for any catastrophic event with a rapid mobile response time. This provides customers the greatest possible opportunity to minimize damage and diminish down time, essential factors in a time of crisis.

Floods, fires, hurricanes, tornados and explosions are all examples of catastrophic events that could collapse a business permanently. It’s what you do in the crucial moments following such a disaster that makes the difference.

With QPS’s Emergency Loss Response team, we guarantee an industry professional will take the lead in mobilizing our team and executing a plan to restore your facility to “business as usual” with speed and efficiency. Our employees receive many hours of specialized training and a constant focus on continuing education.  We take pride in the men and women we send out into the field during your time of need.

As a part of our Emergency Loss Response team, we offer Safety evaluations and Risk Assessment of potential areas of concern.

A controlled and well-managed response to a catastrophic event can significantly mitigate a client’s exposure and loss.

Large Loss Emergency Response

24 Hour Response / Mobilization

Safety Evaluations / Risk Assessment

A Qualified and Highly Skilled team

  • 3D BIM/Scan/Modeling
  • Mech./Elec. Equipment Installation
  • Foundation Systems
  • Structural Steel Fabricating & Installation
  • Iron Workers & Rigging Crews
  • Standard & Laser Alignment for Rotating & Vibrating Equipment
  • Piping Systems Design, Fabrication, Insulating & Painting
  • I&C
  • APC-Advanced Process Controls,

DCS-Distributed Control Systems,

PLC-Programmable Logic Controllers,

SCADA-Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

  • ASME “R” Stamp Code Repairs & Alterations
  • Design Build “Turn Key” for all applications

Quality Plus Services, Inc. is a multi-line, full-service company offering same day contact with the insured and claimants.

QPS’s Emergency Loss Team is your Industrial / Heavy Commercial restoration specialists.

Some of QPS’s services:

Consultant, Scene Assessment, Evidence retrieval & Storage, Field Inspections, Fire & Water Damage Restoration, Content restoration, electronic restoration & corrosion control, Machinery & equipment specialist, Structural Cleaning & repairs, Mold & Lead Remediation, Trauma Cleanup, Industrial & commercial Cleanup, Mechanical/Electrical & Engineering services.

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From pulp and paper to pharmaceuticals, manufacturers have come to rely on Quality Plus Services, Inc. for more than 20 years. In that time, we’ve gained a deep understanding of industrial needs. When you combine that with our commitment to long-lasting quality work and the ongoing education of our team,you can expect industrial work that’s truly a value add for you.

Process Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment Installations

If you’re looking for industrial electrical work, the short answer is QPS can do it. But here’s an overview to give you an idea of the depth of our industrial expertise:

  • Commissioning and start-up assistance
  • Design and Engineering
  • Process machinery installation, relocation and upgrades
  • Interface for design and engineering completion
  • Project management, aligning owner requirements and schedules
  • Unit Substation Installations
  • Main Service (Low and Medium Voltage) Installations and Upgrades
  • Low and Medium Voltage Power Distribution Installations and Upgrades
  • Machine Process System PLC and Drive Panel Installations
  • UL 508A Certified PLC/Drive/Control Panel Design and Fabrication
  • Machine Process System Device Installations
  • Machinery and Equipment Relocation and Installation
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Maintenance Services
  • OEM Installations
  • Design and Budgetary Estimating

Building Wiring
High, Medium & Low Voltage Distribution
Site Lighting
MCC, Operator Console and VFD
Fiber Optic
Building Light Systems
Instrumentation & Control
Security and Monitoring Systems
Duct bank and In-slab wiring
Loop Sheets
Panel Design

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Design Build

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

QPS specializes in EPC projects by taking conceptual ideas and creating a complete design and installation. The client can be assured its project is being executed by professionals that follow through with a single point of contact from concept, through design to project start up.  This model provides unequaled benefits to the client. These include:

  • Project can be taken from developmental/funding phase to completion with one team.
  • The single team has commitment and accountability for the final outcome.
  • Single point of contact; single contract.
  • Project schedule and delivery are with one point of responsibility.
  • Reduced costs related to multiple contracts and multiple companies involved in the project.
  • Ability to fast track projects.

Not all projects require a turnkey approach. QPS can facilitate any stand-alone portion of a project and will install with the same ethics as outlined for any EPC project.