Our Industrial Services

  • QPS-3D

Design Build Services

While we are known as a 'big C little E' Specialty Industrial Contractor we have in-house engineering expertise to handle your design build projects.


We can save you time and money on your capital improvement investment by implementing our construction knowledge before your project is designed.


With our years of hands on experiences and knowledge of current products our design team Value Engineers you project as a matter of habit. Contact us to learn more.

Material Handling Services

We have been erecting steel and installing material handling systems since we have been in the industry. No matter what product you are transporting, our management team has the experience you need. QPS self performs the installation of mechanical systems and has a safety record of well under industry average. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you move your product.

Retro Fit Services

A large part of our portfolio is helping our clients modify existing facilities to meet their growing needs. No matter what size your product is, QPS is ready and willing to be part of your team. With experience in a variety of industries we have the ability to carry leanings from other installations and apply them to you benefiting your project. Call us today for a free estimate.

Pre-Assembly Services

With an emphasis on lean construction means, QPS is always planning ahead to identify means to help with your project execution, leading to an early turnover for production. During the construction phase we put into practice lean methods to keep our sites operating in a flexible and mobile environment. Contact us so we can show you how lean practices can pay off for you in both better productivity and a safer project site.

Mechanical Installation Services

When it comes to mechanical/electrical installations Quality Plus Services wants us to be your contractor of choice. We find that by keeping the project stakeholder interest in mind the entire project team works in harmony towards one common goal. QPS works with the Owners designated representative to address project opportunities in a positive "value added" approach. We would like to be your contractor of choice. Call us to begin.

Outages/Shutdowns Services

Several times a year you will find Quality Plus Services working on outage/shutdown projects. We pride ourselves on being subject matter experts in our field and passing this knowledge along to benefit the client we are serving. Early detailed project planning followed by streamlined execution against agreed upon metrics is how we keep our client satisfied and informed along the way. ASTM code repair work is also a part of our vast portfolio. Call us with your upcoming outage/shutdown and we'll show you what we can do.

Painting/Insulation Services

Quality Plus Services is a leader in more than what meets the eye. We self-perform insulation and painting tasks. Our educated staff will help you identify the best product for your specific need. With the stringent requirement of the EPA, QPS has processes in place to eliminate the need for concern when it comes to containment during the paint preparation blasting processes. We look forward to helping you provide your facility with a clean look that matches your performance. Contact us today!

Electrical and Instrumentation Services

Quality Plus Services (QPS) provides electrical and instrumentation design & installation for industrial facilities including maintenance, small, and large capital projects. Our specialty includes both high and low voltage work throughout the variety of industrial sectors.  We excel on projects that are quick out of the gate allowing us to use our years of experience to get our customers back on line faster than industry standard.  We accomplish this by implementing our internal engineering expertise in conjunction with lean construction practices to plan ahead utilizing materials and resources available to meet the project’s needs.


We look forward to assisting you with your facilities improvements through a trusted partnership approach and becoming part of your team. Call us today!



  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Process Piping
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Instrumentation
  • Insulation
  • Boiler Repairs ("R" Stamp)
  • Precision Alignments
  • Rigging
  • Steel Fabrications & Erections
  • Industrial Painting
  • Process Piping (Jacketed, Line)
  • Orbital Welding



  • Power & Utility
  • Water Treatment
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrol Refinery
  • Munitions Process Facilities
  • Food & Beverage
  • Phosphates & Fertilizer Facilities (Mining & Screening)
  • Communications
  • Manufacturing
  • Cement & Lime
  • Steel Production



  • ASME Code Repairs, Alterations & Rerate
  • Foundation Systems
  • Structural Steel Fabricating & Installation
  • Building & Building Modifications
  • Support System for Rotating & Vibrating Equipment
  • Piping Systems
  • Mechanical & Equipment Installations
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Programming
  • Design Build “Turn Key for all Applications

    * Fully licensed and insured

Industries Served

  • Power & Utility
  • Water Treatment
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrol Refinery
  • Munitions Process Facilities
  • Food & Beverage
  • Phosphates & Fertilizer Facilities (Mining & Screening)
  • Communications
  • Manufacturing
  • Cement & Lime
  • Steel Production



QPS-3D, is a division of Quality Plus Services, Inc.  In the last quarter of 2013, we began 3D scanning, processing, and modeling point clouds in an effort to keep up with technologies offerings.  What transpired was a focus on using scanning to capture reality and real asset conditions within the industrial field.


QPS-3D has the advantage of working within an industrial construction company.  This offers a resource and wealth of Subject Matter Experts, (SME), within all crafts; electrical, mechanical, structural, and engineering.  It gives our group the advantage to have a review team check our models for accuracy and our coverage of the necessary data. Our engineering branch offers the ability to work within the completed model for new projects and additions within the model as well.


The management and scan techs within QPS-3D come from trade backgrounds, with a combined forty-five plus years of experience, offering immediate SME support during the project.  Our lead modeler, aside from his modeling, drafting, and design skills, carries the experience of a Virginia Tech Master Graduate, and field experience as a Project Engineer.


QPS-3D is in a unique position within the scanning and modeling community.  We offer an understanding of what we are scanning and modeling, a safety background exceeding many standards through our construction experience, and the desire to complete the project to your satisfaction.



  • The ability to work within data of your current asset, as is, inaccuracies and issues included.
  • Accelerate the process of designing and building a project.
    • Reduce re-engineering due to poor information
    • Reduce change orders
    • Reduce request for information
    • And more
  • Integrate scanned and modeled data within the maintenance of a facility.
    • Modeling a giving asset and link necessary data
    • Quick access to maintenance logs, cut sheets, SOP’s, and more
    • A living resource that places all your needed information into one location
  • Video fly through presentations for meetings and conferences.
    • Discussions within a conference room, not a job walk
  • Increase safety when gathering information.
    • Less time in the hazards of the field
    • Next to no working from elevated heights
    • Less close proximity to hazards.
    • Modeling, measurements, drawings, and renderings all performed within the safety of an office.
  • Storage of your scanned data to be used in as many ways possible to create a value within a value.



  • AutoCad 2015 and older, standard and MEP versions
  • Revit 2015 and older
  • Navisworks Manage 2015 and older
  • As well as other programs within The AutoDesk Building Design Suite.
  • Kubit Pointsense Plant 2015
  • Scene 5.3
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Projects 2010
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Acrobat Pro