Safety Statement

An integral part of our business is safety. Quality Plus Services is committed to a policy of safety first and foremost. QPS is committed to providing all employees with a safe and healthy workplace. We have designed our safety program around a belief that an informed and prepared employee is a safe and productive employee. Therefore, we continually reinforce safe practices through active employee participation in weekly safety meetings, safety incentive programs, and committees. Our goal is to ensure the continued well being of our employees and yours by eliminating accidents.


Safety Lunch & Awards

Safety Lunch & Awards


Message from Safety Manager - Jeff Weinz

As Safety Manager for Quality Plus Services, it is our goal to provide each employee with a safe and healthy place to work. Our objective is to provide quality services to our customers, and to conduct our business in the safest possible manner.
To accomplish our safety objectives, QPS is committed to provide each employee with the necessary tools. It is our desire to have each employee properly trained and equipped with the resources to do their jobs safely. At the end of the day, when our employees return home safely to their families we are affirmed that we have accomplished our goal.

As safety standards and attitudes start with good leadership, all managers and supervisors are responsibility for the actions and health of each employee under their direction. JSA’s or Job Safety Analysis are critical to eliminating potential unsafe conditions. Each employee is in control of their own safety as well as their fellow employees and by working as a team we know we can achieve any goal we focus on.
Finally, at QPS we look at our employees as the most valuable asset of our company. Each employee is empowered to take immediate action to eliminate unsafe conditions in the workplace. All unsafe acts or conditions must be reported and corrected immediately. We strive not to police and mandate safety procedures but rather a lifestyle in how we conduct our work.

Thank you for keeping safety first in all you do.


Safety Lunch & Awards