QPS Projects

Material Handling Project - Cincinnati, OH


Mechanical installation included 2 bag houses, hoppers, three silos, chutes, 40' rotory dryer, three belt conveyors, two bucket elevators, platforms, ladders, structured steel and piping.

Material Handling Project - Cincinnati, OH

Electrical installation included the placement and writing of one 1600 amp, one 250 amp, one 200 amp, and three 100 amp control cabinets. Cable tray and tray wire was run to all controls and motors. All cabinets were interconnected with fiber optics.



Steam & Condensate Piping Project - Shreveport, LA

Steam and Condensate Piping Project - Shreveport, LAConstruction project installing all steam supply and condensate return lines the newest and most eco-friendly recycle paper mill in Shreveport, LA. Scope of work included fabrication and installation of carbon steel piping to all steam rollers, heat exchangers, fan coils, profiling showers, and starch kitchen components.





Material Handling Project - Crystal River, FL

Construction of material handling structures and systems intended to transfer 1,700 tons of material per hour and reclaim 500 tons per hour.

Material Handling Project - Crystal River, FL

We are completing work on the installation of Portal Reclaimer, it is the largest one designed for the USA, and is located in Crystal River, FL.



Tank Demolition Project - Valdosta, GA

Demolished existing white liquor tank at a papermill in southeast Georgia.

QPS Tank Demolition project Valdosta, GA

After removal of the dome and cutting the remainder of the tank into 6' x 12' sections the crew installed a new secondary containment system. The secondary system was designed by QPS engineering and consisted of SS collection pipes, oiled sand, geo textile material and an XR-5 liner to protect the soil below. The demolition and installation were completed in 12 working days.



Transportation Projects - Western US

Transportation Project 1600 Amp SwitchQPS installed switch gear for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, BC working on transportation development in Salt Lake City, UT and providing services on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system in San Francisco, CA.