About QPS

Mission Statement

Quality Plus Services is a Virginia based contracting company which provides a full range of mechanical, electrical, engineering, and construction services to industrial, institutional, and commercial customers nationwide. Quality Plus Services is committed to excellence and is one of the best in the industry at providing service to our customers and clients.
 To do this, we as a company: Offer quality product with qualified personnel Maintain a reputation for excellence in honesty and response to our customers problems


Values Statement

In fulfilling our mission, we recognize and value the role that multiple "stakeholders" play in our continued success. These stakeholders include all employees, the customers we serve, our vendors and suppliers, various state/federal regulators and the communities in which we operate. The following values are central to our culture and operating philosophy: Honesty, mutual respect, trust and integrity which form the basis of our relationships with our "Stakeholders" High standards of legal and ethical behavior for the company and our employees Recognition and acceptance of our responsibility to our customers Principles of sound financial planning and management which guide decisions about our service and company performance A commitment by all employees to a concerned and dedicated effort which will ensure that the special needs of our customers will be addressed Dedication to employees who are supportive, responsive, energetic, enthusiastic, effective "Team Members".



Capabilities & Qualifications

Quality Plus Services was founded to provide innovative value-added support services for process, industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our continuing growth and diversification is based on our ability to put customer needs and satisfaction first - while providing experience, high performance, top quality personnel on each and every project. This results in guaranteed project satisfaction with Quality Plus Services maintaining competitive rates and project contract costs. Please contact QPS Sales for more information.


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